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Lost Labyrinth DX is a game under steady development. New features, bugfixes and polishing are being actively developed and will be added in future releases. If you encounter any bugs, have feature suggestions or an idea for improvements for the game, feel free to post in the forums or contact support@lostlabyrinth.com.

The game is currently being developed as a one-man project in my spare time for free, so development speed varies with my time and motivation. Here is a short roadmap for the future of this project:

Planned Features

  • Spell list preview in trait selection screen
  • Add trait: Free Magic
  • Trading between players
  • Fix bug abort mixing potions
  • Allow multiple levels of quickbars
  • Add room: Tavern
  • Mercenaries
  • Add trait: Poisoncraft
  • Snowfall in background of Death Screen
  • A lot of polishing
  • Credits screen
  • Checksum
  • Submit error log?

Completed Features since 1.0.0

  • Delay turn (multiplayer)
  • Rebalancing for traps
  • Auto-fill quickbar with abilities
  • Hot-seat play
  • Add trait: Vampirism
  • Tutorial tooltips
  • Chicken Curse
  • Highscore upload
  • Spells that change shape (e.g Batshape)
  • Add Witchcraft spell school
  • Add trait: Blacksmithing
  • Add trait: Paladin
  • Add High Magic spell school
  • Add room: Forgotten Forge
  • Add room: Graveyard
  • Add trait: Pack Mule
  • Add trait: Bardsongs
  • Add Warlock spell school
  • Add room: Undeground Garden
  • Add room: Prayer Statue
  • Add room: Prison
  • Add room: Spider Queen
  • Add room: Lord of the Undead
  • Add room: Library
  • Add room: Alchemist Lab
  • Add room: Friendly Archmage
  • Add OSX version for download
  • Chest Mimics
  • Add support for multiple translations
  • Spells that "charm" enemies
  • Add traits Drunken Master and Kung-Fu
  • Make use of the Rat King
  • Check for new versions on startup
  • Improve options screen
  • Add proper save game names
  • Customize character appearance
  • Female death scream
  • Allow mouse dragging in automap screen
  • Well/Water should refill waterskin
  • Finish Basic Magic school