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New Law Perks

Post by Max » Thu Nov 19, 2020 10:30 am

New Law Perks

School of hard knocks: Wearing no armor gives you 1 armor.
Sense the moment: Safe rooms have a small chance of revealing themselves.
Is that your lunch?: Evey merchant is selling an extra item that is either food and/or water.
Reputation precedes you: Low change that 1 random monster is friendly per level.
Luck on your side: No pile of gold is less than 20 pieces.
See a penny: Walking over gold will occasionally pick it up automatically.
Time is money: Every time you skip a turn you gain 1-3 gold (excluding Genies).
Mushroom farming: Once per level have the ability to change a food item into 2-4 random mushrooms.
Staring contest: If a monster fails a death gaze with you there is a 1% chance the monster will die.
Glass half full: While you are wet your water spells do not fail.
Fire with fire: If you botch a fire spell, and your next spell is also a fire spell, it will not fail.
Murder of crows: Summoning bird spell has a small chance of coming with something shiny (gold/key).
No stone unturned: Destroy golem and create golem smalls have a very small chance of reveling valuable minerals.
Bragging point: You may not unlock this perk until you have unlocked 20 others. Gain 10 points.
Not again...: If an item is stolen from you then no other items can be stolen from you next turn.
Your mark on the word: After you die there is a 3x3 fire explosion. (screaming sound effect replaced by evil laughter)

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Re: New Law Perks

Post by zefz » Mon Nov 23, 2020 9:28 pm

Good ideas! We need to make magic a none-requirement for perks. I don't want many perks useless or locked away because the player chose the No Magic trait.

Traders Etiquette (Dungeoneering): Refill water flask and thirst upon talking to a merchant
No Stone Unturned (Arcane): Destroying a construct monster has chance of dropping money or gems
Ritualistic Fasting (Religion): Max hunger increased by 50
Medicine (Nature): Herbs will remove 1 level of disease

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Re: New Law Perks

Post by Max » Fri Nov 27, 2020 12:40 pm

Good point.
It was actually the reverse of this (law benefiting only melee combat) that made me sing up about the law systems in the first place.

How about this...
Every Law Perk is either a 'General Perk' or a 'Guild Perk'.

All Law Perks currently in the game are 'General Perks'.
All players are only offered 'General Perks' until they have 4.
For the fifth perk the player is instead offered a Guild, fighters/mages/thieves guild.
From here on all law perks offered will be a set containing 1 'General Perk', 1 'Guild Perk' from the chosen guild and 1 other (random, could be General/Guild).

With this systems the player could just keep choosing the 1 general perk if they see the others as useless.
I know there will be some that are useless... but, well, I think it's going to be a bit like that anyway.

More Law Perks Suggestions...
Fighters guild
Deflection: Shield blocks from ranged attacks do not damage your shield.
Remember your training: Bring ambushed by 4 monsters gives you slightly increased melee shield block chance until your next turn.
More of the same: Slightly increased chance of weapons find being the same type as the weapon you have equipped in your main hand at the time.

Thieves guild
Caesar salad: Kiling any plant type monster with a dagger may create herbs.
Sand in the eyes: After you successfully dodge a melee attack there is a chance you will blind the attacker for 1 turn.
Opportunist: Successfully sneaking past a humanoid has a chance to add 3-5 gold to your inventory.

Mages guild
Hibernate: While petrified any of your active earth speels do not lose duration.
Moving on: Your death results in the flourishing of plantlife. Many herbs appear in the area and calmness covers the level (all monsters lose alert, no screaming sound effect, end game artwork changed to sapling or whatever).

...something like that.

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