more non-CP2 tier traits and flaws and more.

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more non-CP2 tier traits and flaws and more.

Post by kui » Mon Oct 01, 2018 8:53 am

as title says, i think its nice if there were more non-CP2 tier traits and flaws. especially CP1 tiers.

other than that,

1. rival mode for multiplay.
this is for competition. but it doesn't proceed by simple "win on other's death" rule.
or rather, its semi-coop style.
in this mode, players start from setting dungeon levels. (or choosing from pre-determined number of levels.)
its about how fast (to the last level), better (item, gold and skill wise) AND deeper (dungeon level setting). so it might be better have always step counter showed.
score is based on same condition with normal mode. so survival of every competitors are essential to hit higher score. (one dropped out, no hope for best score.)
all counted in, when someone reached to the last level and enter the last exit, it ends.
random things change things dramatically (each starting point, obstacles, items come by.)
sometimes, competitors might have to help each other.
considering the nature, its better have series of smaller dungeon in this mode.

2, last squeeze from item of limited charges.
its for wand, rod and staff things. too powerful items like mirror or eye are excluded.
after used up, player can try one last squeeze from target item. if failed, player char receive some negative effect like exploding damage, perma loss from one of stats.

3. messing dimension means possible, unwanted invitation from half corrupted plane.
dimension door (or similar effect spells which matters other time line/dimension/reality of time magic school) can have "accident" element.
player char needs to search, reach and enter into "right" portal (there are always several of them) to get back.
its a variety of new zone. but it has far less resource for both of player and mobs to keep living.
usually, even powerful demons or dragons won't enter such place. since it lacks any balance and shadowed by on going corruption.
only "Teleport Anchor" helps the char. it can be a sign to send char back to home plane.
but there is a big merit to go to such world. some of truly powerful artifact (not piece of staff) might be hidden and forgotten. it might be almost broken, or sealed though.

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Re: more non-CP2 tier traits and flaws and more.

Post by zefz » Mon Oct 01, 2018 11:29 am

1 CP traits and flaws are interesting because they add more flexibility. I can think of a couple of changes that would add additional 1 CP traits/flaws:
  • Visions: Reduce cost from 2 CP to 1 CP and make it slightly less powerful (e.g remove +30% Find Trap and Secret bonus)
  • Monster Sense: Cost could perhaps be reduced from 2 CP to to 1 CP
  • Dangerous Route (-1 CP): New trait that makes the labyrinth slightly harder than your current level
  • Casting in Armour (1 CP): New trait that allows spell casting while using armor with no penality
  • Split Thievery (2 CP) into two 1 CP traits: Lockpicking and Pick Pockets
  • Shadowstep (1 CP): A special ability that can be used once per level. Allows you to become Etheral (walk through walls) for 1 turn.
  • Precise Strike (1 CP): Allowing Perception somehow to increase damage or chance to hit. Perhaps even Critical Chance.
  • Poison Lore (1 CP): Allow to identify all poisonous mushroom and potions. Can coat weapons with poison. Start with +20 Poison Lore.
  • Tactician (1 CP): Gain +5% Dodge and +5 Attack per adjacent enemy.
  • Sling Master (1 CP): Start with a Sling and gain +100% damage with Slings. Sling attacks have 25% chance to blind enemies.
  • Step Up (1 CP): Killing an enemy does not end your turn if you have more Energy remaining.
  • Vitality (1 CP): You have 50% chance to resist Poison, Disease or Paralysis. Additionally when you are below 10% Health, regain 1 Health each turn (unless starving or dehydrated).
Perhaps some 1 CP traits/flaws that reduce or increase resistances to Cold, Lighting or Fire?

Adding high-scores or an online leaderboard is perhaps the first step in adding a competitive element into the game.

Currently like the older versions of the game, charged items with percent break are very random. A 10% break chance can trigger after one use while if you are lucky a 25% break chance item wont break before it is used 10 times. Switching to a durability system would make such items more reliable and predictable. This way an item with very low durability might have a chance to misfire as you suggested.

I actually thought about this with the Time Magic school. Messing with timelines also damages the fabric of time. Each time you cast a powerful time altering spell, the fabric of time is slightly broken, causing rifts and other problems as you mentioned. No such system is in place currently, though there is a cheap Time Magic spell called Temporal Rift that sends monsters into the future, causing them to suddenly appear back into your game at some later point!

There is also the Demi-Plane spell that opens a gate to a new world which can contain anything from monsters, a shopkeeper or a powerful artifact.

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Re: more non-CP2 tier traits and flaws and more.

Post by aaron » Mon Oct 01, 2018 2:01 pm

how about:

Second Wind (1 CP): take a deep breath and restore half of max health or something like that. sort of like how it works in WoW :?:

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Re: more non-CP2 tier traits and flaws and more.

Post by kui » Mon Oct 01, 2018 4:13 pm

about CP1 trait/flaw

i think its better make 1CP tier's traits reduced it's efficiency/success rate not to be just cheap solution especially when it was split version of existing 2CP trait.
if not, balancing becomes prone to potential abusing and ends in narrower optimized pattern of choice.

in this regard, Laby Extended version has already achieved remarkable success in well thought balance.
its rare case for computer games. and might be done only by trial of time.
and Laby doesn't need any spoiler. online help shows everything to play.
if the player wanted more detailed info, there are FAQ and readme.
these are the reason why i love laby so much.
i can recommend Laby to any type of gamer beyond generation. (so far, there is only good response. :D )
player want to use some avatar which is based on his imagination, but he/she needs to do tons of trial and error before tasting ideal state.

what i want to say is,
for example, sure, thieving skills could be split into unlocking and stealing, but i think some handicap is needed like this.
unlocking > always needs lockpick tool even for easiest one (door's) and tool can be broken.
thieving > it takes more time (round). thus, its discovered easier.

normal 2CP version is considered proper trained skill in thieves guild. that is, 2CP version means real mastering (pro) while 1CP version is like half-trained (amateurish). to make difference clearer.

what i thought as 1CP trait is like this

1. Short temper
when failed something, the success rate of next try becomes reduced for the char losing concentration. (irritating)
but while keeping success, next success rate will be slightly increased due to the char's preferred style of shorter learning cycle from trial and error.

this is not the kind of barbarian's rage. it pulls opposite effect from anger. but at the same time, char becomes hyped state in succession of good results.
*needs cap of stacked effects not to become too powerful.

2. Groovy
this is special trait for Bard. needs magical song trait as prerequisite
this allows bard's sense of danger to be more flexible.
i mean, his groove makes him more dodger from ANY harmful effect.
higher circle of song, better result. (but not that distinctive as 3.)
*as this needs magical song trait, so i put this in CP1 trait.

3. Frenzy
this is offensive version of 2. needs magical song trait and can't take with 2 at the same time.
bard becomes agitated from his playing song like heavy metal musician. as a result, has tendency of hitting enemy more and harder.
raise attack and damage slightly. higher circle of song, better result.

4. Fasting
this is for monk build, expecting bare-hand combat skill as prerequisite.
when suffered from hunger and thirst, and while bare-hand combat, it becomes more reliable for clearer mind and sharper instinct. (attack and dodge bonus). and can hold longer from hunger state.
but its dangerous tight rope at the same time. since it still might end in sudden death from hunger.
for normal fighter, there is no advantage to get this trait. it just increases chance of sudden death. (unless he unequip his weapon)

as 1CP flaw,

1. One eyed
char got injured one of his eyes in the past, and lost perspective. (not perception attribute itself.) i mean, less sensitive against moving object in far sight.
this flaw reduces attack chance of ranged weapon and dodge chance from enemy's ranged attack. (including projectile spell)

2. Sickly
char is weaker against disease. progress speed and duration of disease becomes doubled.
*since the chance of getting disease is rather lower, i put this in 1CP flaw.

3. Hyperhydration
this is thirst version of Gluttony flaw. char needs more water to sustain.
affects magic related skills when thirsty. (only success rate)
*considering it's disadvantage. this might better be put in 2CP's

4. Trauma against <specific monster type>
attack misses randomly and causes more fumble (if char didn't get mastering skill for weapon of choice) against monster type which char has 'bad memory' in the past or by nature. (necrophobia, arachnophobia and so on)
also, sneaking against such monster fails more often. (get discovered easier if sneak success rate was not 100%.)
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Re: more non-CP2 tier traits and flaws and more.

Post by zefz » Tue Oct 02, 2018 8:42 am

How about Alcoholic (-1 CP): Hydration from non-alcoholic beverages is halved.

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Re: more non-CP2 tier traits and flaws and more.

Post by kui » Tue Oct 02, 2018 12:15 pm

hehehe. it sounds fun. :lol:
i know some of real drunk wants to drink booze more than water.
its kinda mystery of physiology why they can.

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Re: more non-CP2 tier traits and flaws and more.

Post by zefz » Wed Apr 17, 2019 5:15 pm

Thanks for the input so far. The following traits have been implemented for the newest release:

* New Feature: New trait: High Magic (2 CP: Unlocks spells from the High Magic school of magic)
* New Feature: New trait: Old Gods (1 CP: Gives +50 Cold Resistance and doubles Eye of Udjat bonus)
* New Feature: New trait: Paladin (2 CP: Gives +40 Undead Lore, Fear Immunity and regain 1 life and mana on killing undead)
* New Feature: New trait: Dragon Slayer (1 CP: Gives +40 Dragon Lore, Fear Immunity and awards gold on killing dragons)
* New Feature: New trait: Step-Up (2 CP: Destroying enemies in melee combat does not end the turn)
* New Feature: New trait: One-Eyed (-1 CP: Gives -5 Perception and halves ranged hit chance and ranged dodge)
* New Feature: New trait: Shield Bash (1 CP: Block Chance is added to Melee damage bonus and can push enemies with melee)
* New Feature: New trait: Blacksmithing (2 CP: Can repair weapons and armour plus enchant weapons with gems)
* New Feature: New trait: Arachnophobia (-1 CP: Halves hit chance vs spiders and cannot sneak past them)
* New Feature: New trait: Necrophobia (-2 CP: Halves hit chance vs undead and cannot sneak past them)

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Re: more non-CP2 tier traits and flaws and more.

Post by kui » Sat May 11, 2019 3:55 am

yes !!

many 1CP traits and Flaws !! :)

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