[1.9.0] Alternate timeline 'forgets' previous level, odd behavior when traveling back upwards

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[1.9.0] Alternate timeline 'forgets' previous level, odd behavior when traveling back upwards

Post by sasbot » Wed Apr 07, 2021 3:51 am

For characters without pride trait:
Character passes through a dungeon level, call it level X. Take exit from X, pass on to X+1.
Cast alternate timeline, you should still be on X+1 (newly rerolled, but technically same dungeon level?).
Then go back up the stairs you landed on after casting the spell - you should be passing from X+1, back to X.
Instead of being back on the level X you saw before, it is a newly generated level, and you are standing on a set of up stairs (rather than the down stairs you would expect from climbing upwards). Game also seems to think you just took a set of down stairs, and grants experience and resets once-per-level flags accordingly.

Is the intent/lore behind alternate timeline to just reroll the level you are currently on, or the entire game? in both cases, something should be fixed here. if rerolling the entire game's timeline, you still need to end up on exit stairs when you go up entry stairs, and make sure not to gain character levels for doing so.

This also applies to special levels with portals instead of stairs - previous level is forgotten and generated anew, and you land on a set of stairs when walking through the portal after casting alternate timeline. Characters with pride can still get to see this bug that way, because portals never stopped them from going backwards (only stairs - is this a separate bug?)

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