[1.8.1 FIXED] Targeted spells can be abused to train them faster

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[1.8.1 FIXED] Targeted spells can be abused to train them faster

Post by sasbot » Tue Mar 23, 2021 6:24 pm

Any spell that requires target selection, and which has possible invalid targets, can be abused to train up the spellcasting chance without costing turns, mana, or possibly mana crystals. Spells still can fail or miscast and consume mana/turn, but training up your casting is currently very easy to abuse.

The spellcast counts as a valid attempt for purposes of increasing the % of success in the future, upon confirming the target - but before the target is confirmed to be a valid one and the spell actually resolves. This is especially relevant for early game mages to train up their first attack spell to 100% rate at the very first nexus, or later on to train up the targeted spells that use mana crystals. Characters who focus on physical attacks could still dabble in magic while still getting good success rates by abusing this.

steps to reproduce: Start a game with any magic schools and magical training, target a wall with your starting attack spells. watch the success chance go up even when the spell does not consume mana or a turn.

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Re: [1.8.1]Targeted spells can be abused to train them faster

Post by zefz » Thu Mar 25, 2021 10:54 pm

Yes, this is definitely an exploit that has sneaked itself into the game.

Made sure only spells only improve casting skill after spending mana on it (both success and failure will still improve cast skill like in original Lost Labyrinth).

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