Thanks to the developer, and a personal balance suggestion

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Thanks to the developer, and a personal balance suggestion

Post by KeithZ » Mon Jun 06, 2022 6:17 pm

First, I would like to say thanks a lot for make the new version of the game, I do like it.

The first time I played this game was probably 15 years ago, when I was a college student. And I did pay for the extended version when it's released on Steam , I remember I beat this game at least twice after that. Last week I was introduced to check for some old school rogue game on a local forum, and I surprisingly found this DX version on that site. I just played it again for two day and beat it with my old Dual Weapon Fighting build (3rd place on the 1.9 leader board :D ). It's definitely fun, even reminds me of the old time. Really, thank you for your work again.

For my balance suggestion, can we buff the Warlock magic a little bit? Actually I mean the Weapon Conjuring skill, in my opinion it's totally safe to make them has permanent duration, just like the arrows conjured, spellpower only affects weapon's strength, and crystals can be the cost as well. I checked all the first 50 builds on the all versions leader board, only two of them take this trait, the 46th and 50th place, but the 50th one didn't make it to the end. The 46th build involved traits like time magic, high magic, clumsy and weak, which is more like a mage build, while I was thinking of something with good combat skill and minimal magic help. Anyway, it's quite personal idea, but I just it's think a good one to make game more fun.

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Re: Thanks to the developer, and a personal balance suggestion

Post by zefz » Mon Jun 13, 2022 6:50 pm

Well I see 7th place has a Warlock build now :lol:

Why would you like the Conjure Weapon spell to be permanent? Is it because of it is tedious to recast?

If that is the case would an sustain effect that would drain mana (like 1 every 10 turns or something like that) be a possible solution?

Also, what would happen if we made it permanent and you recast the spell. Should the previous weapon disappear and the new one appear in its stead?

Here are some statistics about which traits are most popular (we can see Ring Mastery is the most popular pick while Warlock is almost last):

Code: Select all

"1883"	"Ring Master"
"1767"	"Armour Mastery"
"1717"	"Arachnophobia"
"1670"	"No Magic"
"1498"	"Whirlwind Attack"
"1459"	"Lucky"
"1440"	"God Of War"
"1240"	"Combat Training"
"1134"	"Agile"
"1107"	"Trap Expertise"
"1084"	"Goddess Of Healing"
"1040"	"Strong"
"1018"	"Poison Weakness"
"1004"	"Poverty"
"903"	"Illiterate"
"866"	"Treasure Hunter"
"846"	"Magic Weakness"
"834"	"Hunter"
"804"	"Merchant"
"803"	"Magic Talent"
"799"	"Mercenary"
"785"	"Cartography"
"780"	"Dragon Blood"
"779"	"Dodge"
"778"	"Duelist"
"762"	"Dual Weapon Fighting"
"762"	"Perceptive"
"754"	"Constitution"
"753"	"Cursed"
"753"	"Danger Sense"
"750"	"Monkey Grip"
"704"	"God Of Secrets"
"696"	"God Of Magic"
"673"	"Parry"
"670"	"Geniekind"
"651"	"Pack Mule"
"635"	"Swimming"
"626"	"Night Vision"
"616"	"Fast Learner"
"611"	"Wisdom"
"598"	"Step Up"
"594"	"Necrophobia"
"590"	"Gluttony"
"573"	"Troll Blood"
"562"	"Hedge Wizard"
"561"	"Sturdy"
"559"	"Bloodlust"
"559"	"Climbing"
"541"	"Blacksmithing"
"540"	"Survivalist"
"535"	"Sword Master"
"521"	"Elder Magic"
"517"	"Weak"
"514"	"Pride"
"512"	"Stupid"
"509"	"Stealthy"
"501"	"Mana"
"498"	"Frail"
"496"	"Blind Fighting"
"494"	"Dangerous Route"
"491"	"Sorcery"
"483"	"Pathfinder"
"475"	"Assassinate"
"474"	"Fighting Styles"
"462"	"Herbalism"
"460"	"Berserk"
"457"	"Elemental Mastery"
"451"	"Thievery"
"441"	"Clumsy"
"440"	"Shield Mastery"
"431"	"Outcast"
"420"	"Charisma"
"419"	"Escape Artist"
"411"	"Druid Magic"
"409"	"Combat Expertise"
"399"	"Lore Master"
"392"	"Star Magic"
"384"	"Vegetarian"
"381"	"Second Wind"
"374"	"Drunkard"
"370"	"Veteran"
"367"	"Swiftness"
"366"	"Martial Arts"
"363"	"Visions"
"357"	"Crippled"
"349"	"Spelunker"
"343"	"Elf Blood"
"341"	"Heirloom"
"323"	"Weapon Grandmaster"
"322"	"Sense Monsters"
"317"	"Archery"
"314"	"Drunken Master"
"308"	"Alchemy"
"302"	"Magic Resistance"
"296"	"Goddess Of Wisdom"
"294"	"Crystal Mage"
"292"	"Acolyte"
"288"	"Dragon Slayer"
"285"	"Time Magic"
"279"	"White Magic"
"276"	"Ghost Hunter"
"271"	"Master Conjurer"
"254"	"Precise Shot"
"253"	"One Eyed"
"246"	"Black Magic"
"241"	"Shield Bash"
"237"	"Sense Earth"
"234"	"Thaumaturgy"
"231"	"Fletchery"
"230"	"Fire Magic"
"227"	"Earth Magic"
"224"	"High Magic"
"224"	"Zen Archery"
"223"	"Near Sighted"
"223"	"Diehard"
"212"	"Axe Master"
"199"	"Poison Resistance"
"196"	"Spell Weaving"
"195"	"Water Magic"
"194"	"Sharpshooter"
"193"	"Witchcraft"
"187"	"Spellsongs"
"184"	"Arcane Shot"
"183"	"Arcane Writings"
"183"	"Air Magic"
"181"	"Unobservant"
"174"	"God Of Wealth"
"173"	"Polearm Master"
"168"	"Blessed"
"167"	"Illusion Magic"
"149"	"Mystic"
"148"	"Forsaken"
"136"	"Sling Mastery"
"136"	"Warlock"
"134"	"Paladin"
"116"	"Bounty Hunter"
"103"	"Blunt Master"
"93"  	"Unlucky"
"90" 	"Vampirism"
"84" 	"Old Gods"
"61" 	"Trap Lore"

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Re: Thanks to the developer, and a personal balance suggestion

Post by Max » Tue Jun 14, 2022 2:13 am

That is real eye opening.

I think we will need to be careful not to interpret this as... "The bottom ones need buffs, the top ones need nerfs".
"285" "Time Magic" ? Really??!

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