additional service for special room: Old Wizard

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additional service for special room: Old Wizard

Post by kui » Wed Mar 18, 2020 2:22 am

there might be very handy if Old Wizard could identify All *Unknown* items in inv.
this would be added in dialog window of course.

further more, its more fun if some hidden notion appears via only this way.
like from simple lore or back ground story of specific rare item to the vital info about the bonus of so called "item sets" (if implemented).

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Re: additional service for special room: Old Wizard

Post by zefz » Fri Mar 20, 2020 6:30 pm

Good idea, I will add this.

Yes I want to make Lore more useful or interesting somehow, but I'm not sure how yet. Unlocking additional powers/abilities for items would be one possibility (and then you could ask the Old Wizard to teach you some Lore as well).

Something like:

Arcane Lore
* Reduce chance of wands breaking
* Identify potions
* Identify magical monsters and dragons
* Identify magic rune traps

Plant Lore (poison lore)
* Identify herbs/mushrooms
* Identify plant type monsters
* Use poison to improve weapons

Mechanical Lore (trap lore)
* Identify non-rune traps
* Improve chance to find traps
* Increase chance to open gates
* Pick lock chance?
* Identify construct monsters

Religion Lore
* Identify Undead, Angels and Demons
* Improve chances of gaining bonuses from holy altar sacrifices

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Re: additional service for special room: Old Wizard

Post by kui » Fri Mar 20, 2020 8:00 pm

oh.... those likes are exact things what i dreamed of. (as Role Play)

additionally, i think specific twist towards for end game which is given by old wizard might make the player feels deeper in game system.
it is "Map Lore" which has selective effect.

as many players already should know, the size of maze after 30 levels or more becomes HUGE (including the case of edge wrapped).

successful player would care about how to get the info from map view.
there are many ways to reveal current map's whereabouts.

so, the way doesn't matter but i suggest old wizard's teach/lesson of mystical knowledge of "positioning Nexus, Sanctum or UP/Down stairs" as well. (one of each at a time.)

this knowledge won't reveal the position of each itself, but once the player got revealed map via magic, scroll or traits (of course best approach is by "Cartgraphy" trait), in temporal map view or usual map view with M key, TAB key could jump the center view to corresponding tile.

and if with marking like flashing effect and/or square outline of the tile (by different color for each, say, purple for Nexus, white for Sanctum, green for downstairs, orange for upstairs), its cooler. 8-)

furthermore, if the player had "Pathfinder" trait as well, i suggest showing possible nearest route by half-transparent fill (it runs like passage. so might be better have raster effect or something standing out drawn on it.) when reviewing the land marking by Tab key.

AND this topic of my suggestion could be nullified or even used in Negative Way.
for example, when failing in getting help from mischievous Genie might take such knowledge away. (message says like "Genie takes something important away from your soul !")
or if the char with Forsaken or Cursed flaw, same/worse thing could happen on adaptive condition.

how about this ?

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