some suggestions for traits and items

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some suggestions for traits and items

Post by dean » Tue Jan 28, 2020 10:05 am


ranged attacks parry
Can block ranged attacks, block rate + 15%
(Because there are only two methods of block and dodge in the no-magic state, but the block is very weak against long-range attacks, so I hope to add this trait to improve resistance to long-range attacks)

At least one drop of blood is left when being attacked when it is above 20% hp,In addition to ture damage
(The diehard plays a small role when the maximum HP is low. If it can be adjusted to the HP percentage, it will have a better experience for genres with less HP and initial play)

Can't derss armor, -50% physical resistance、fire resistance、cold resistance and lighting resistance, 10x reflex damage
(If the reflection damage rate is too low, it is like nothing. So it compensates for some additional negative effects,I want to play with die hard)

-50 Fire resistance
Poison immune
You can only eat meat、fish or blood
the other players must be zombified
automatically crippled、forsaken、outcast
you can turn emeny into zombie and join your team
(I think since vampires have been added, why not add a zombie, and then write this out according to the characteristics of the zombie, and also have the first poison immunity in the game)

auto-fix(under 50% or 20 durability)
(Because with auto-disarm traps, there is no auto-fix, it is easy to accidentally expose all the tool-kit to the trap tool. It is better to not click the trap experience, at least every time you press it manually, you will notice the durability)

King of Fighting
+1 armor
+4 magic armor
+10 str
+10 hp
+5 damage bouns
+50% physical resistance

(Joined this because the existing unique grade belt is really useless ...


At present, the only source of physical resistance is the waist, but the existing unique belt only gives a chicken rib to the +100 light resistance, how can this waist be used.

Light resistance can be obtained from rings, shields, necks and cloaks, but physical resistance can only be obtained by waist ...)

+1 armor

magic flying shoes
+1 armor
+3 magic armor

(In your no-magic state, the only way is swimming, there is no other way

I want to add these two shoes here to provide a little more choice)

Tears of Medusa
+40 poison resistance
immune petrifaction
(If you are in no-magic state, you have no protection against petrification, and you can't even deal with traits, so I want to add a necklace to prevent petrification)

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Re: some suggestions for traits and items

Post by zefz » Sun Feb 09, 2020 6:42 pm

Physical resistance is supposed to be kind of rare. This was intentional by design.

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