Lost Labyrinth DX v1.3.3 Released!

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Lost Labyrinth DX v1.3.3 Released!

Post by zefz » Fri Aug 24, 2018 6:20 pm


Version 1.3.3 "Archmage" (26.01.2019)
  • NEW FEATURE: Added new room: The Wizard. This friendly old wizard might be helpful (unless you are an Outcast)
  • NEW FEATURE: Added new room: Forgotten Library. Uncover ancient lore and arcane scrolls here
  • NEW FEATURE: Added new room: Alchemist Lab. Grab some useful magical potions here!
  • NEW FEATURE: Added new room: Undeground Forest. Reap the fruits of this tranquil grove
  • NEW FEATURE: Added new room: Mykonid Colony. Encounter Mykonid monsters and grab some mushrooms here
  • NEW FEATURE: Added new room: Prison. This guarded compound might hold some values
  • NEW FEATURE: Added new room: Dragon Vault. A treasure vault guarded by a powerful dragon
  • NEW FEATURE: Added new room: Lonely Brazier. This lit room can help you navigate the Labyrinth
  • NEW FEATURE: Added new room: Spiral Trap. Treasure protected by a deadly spiral of traps and obstacles
  • NEW FEATURE: Added new room: Prayer Statue. Pious heroes can pray and sacrifice to the gods for a blessing here
  • NEW FEATURE: Added two new Arcane Spells: Protective Charm (wards against harm) and Magic Bandage (cures bleeding)
  • UPDATE: Added new status: Bleeding. Bleeding causes damage each turn (ignores armour) until removed by specific effects such as Healing Herbs or various magic.
  • UPDATE: Added new Circle 12 Warlock spell: Gaseous Form
  • UPDATE: Exploring a room now also updates the AutoMap with the entire room contents
  • UPDATE: A merchant or a skill trainer will now appear at least once every 7 dungeon levels
  • UPDATE: Optimizations to reduce memory usage and save game size by about 30%
  • UPDATE: Improved grass graphics
  • UPDATE: The Restoration spell (White Magic) now cures bleeding and paralysis
  • UPDATE: Regeneration spell (Druid Magic) grants immunity to bleeding
  • UPDATE: Restoration spell (White Magic) cost reduced from 12 mana to 8 mana
  • UPDATE: Spear Traps now cause bleeding
  • UPDATE: The Bloodlust Trait no longer gains damage bonus but now causes Bleeding on any physical attack
  • UPDATE: Berserk trait no longer gives +25% physical damage resist. Instead provides damage bonus based on health lost
  • UPDATE: Various monsters such as Vampires can now cause Bleeding
  • UPDATE: The Focus spell was moved from Arcane Magic to High Magic and renamed to Magic Mastery
  • UPDATE: Consuming food, drinking water or reading books now consumes energy
  • FIX: Solved some inconsistencies in spell targeting logic
  • FIX: False warning on game startup about a missing Warlock spell icon
  • FIX: Issue when using Visions or the Foresight spell on different sections of an unexplored room
  • FIX: Possible issue where trainers could refuse to train you, thinking they already had trained you before
  • FIX: Rare issue of buried treasure not always being hidden
  • FIX: Wish for Immortality makes user actually immune to physical damage and magic for 40 turns now
  • FIX: Incorrect graphic icon in Gaseous Form
  • FIX: Possible render issue when generating random room graphics
  • FIX: Solved some issues when generating Labyrinth levels with rivers
  • FIX: Minor GUI layout issues
  • FIX: Fix level generation bug for the Demi-Plane randomly appearing as a special level which would prevent progress
  • FIX: Characters with armour now start the game with all armour points restored
Download at https://www.labydx.com/download.html

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