Lost Labyrinth DX v1.3.1 Released!

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Lost Labyrinth DX v1.3.1 Released!

Post by zefz » Fri Aug 24, 2018 6:20 pm


Version 1.3.1 "Mimic" (07.11.2018)
  • NEW FEATURE: Added new trait: Dangerous Route (-1 CP: Increases dungeon level by 5 and makes levels more dangerous)
  • NEW FEATURE: Added support for running native binaries on macOS! (compiled and tested on macOS "High Sierra")
  • NEW FEATURE: Added new trait: Second Wind (1 CP: Regain 50% of max health once per level)
  • NEW FEATURE: Added new trait: Drunkard (-1 CP: Halves hydration from non-alcoholic beverages)
  • NEW FEATURE: Added Chest Mimic monsters: Common Mimic (mundane chests), Elder Mimic (blue chests) and Ancient Mimics (green chests)
  • NEW FEATURE: Added new 9th level Earth Magic spell: Mending (restores lost armour)
  • NEW FEATURE: Added new 11th level Earth Magic spell: Acid (destroy all armour and deal damage based on armour destroyed)
  • NEW FEATURE: Added new 2nd level Black Magic spell: Fear (makes non-undead flee away from caster)
  • NEW FEATURE: Added two new types of orcish armour and two rare magical helmets
  • NEW FEATURE: Added new sling bullet type: Arcane Bullets (deal magic damage and ignores armour)
  • NEW FEATURE: Added new magic items: Lamp of Longburning, Crystal Ball, Bow of Truestriking and the Headhunter mace
  • NEW FEATURE: Added new room: Lord of the Undead (dangerous trap room with undead boss monster)
  • NEW FEATURE: Added new room: Spider Queen (webbed chamber with the Spider Queen blocking the exit)
  • UPDATE: Changed the main theme song to a remixed version of the original which is calmer and less intense
  • UPDATE: New trait set for the Warrior template class
  • UPDATE: Blessings gained from Way of the Gods traits are now more useful and powerful than before
  • UPDATE: Improved graphics for various monsters
  • UPDATE: Base trap detection chance was increased by 20% - one would expect to be on the lookout for those
  • UPDATE: The trait Visions now only costs 1 CP and no longer gives +30% Find Traps and Find Secrets
  • UPDATE: God of Magic now improves casting skill with all known spells when using the Nexus
  • UPDATE: Doubled the chance for God of War bonus to trigger from 1% to 2%
  • UPDATE: Successfully disarming and dodging traps can now increase Trap Lore
  • UPDATE: Missing an attack on a sleeping monster will now wake them up
  • UPDATE: Increased max hit chance versus sleeping monsters to 100% (normally 90%)
  • UPDATE: The game will now detect and use the native display resolution on first startup
  • UPDATE: The high-score will now start initially empty instead of being filled with computer generated scores
  • UPDATE: A heroes final words are now displayed in the high score
  • FIX: Fixed bug causing numerous high-level monsters like Beelzebub or Cherub almost never to appear in the game
  • FIX: Possible crash bug on game start after selecting the Ring Mastery trait
  • FIX: Most spells are learned at 5 spell power lower than before as intended
  • FIX: Minor layout issue causing incorrect line-wrapping in tooltips
  • FIX: Transparency issue when rendering grayscale images
  • FIX: Trap Lore now properly increases trap detection chance
  • FIX: God of Wealth now actually provides +25% Gold Find as its description says it should
  • FIX: The Traps Triggered statistic is now properly counted
  • FIX: Incorrect UI scaling in the merchant screen leading to stretched aspect ratio
  • FIX: God of Magic not unlocking the Blessing of Magic ability
  • FIX: Incorrect string displayed when casting Genocide when missing an Onyx gem
  • FIX: Way of the Gods trait now only trigger once per Sanctum/Nexus as intended
  • FIX: Cloaks being unequipped when player is hurt in combat
  • FIX: Removed external Linux dependency on libsnd

Download at https://www.labydx.com/download.html

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