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Upcoming version 1.3.2 release

Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 8:31 am
by zefz
The Lost Labyrinth DX version 1.3.2 scheduled for this month will be slightly delayed because of Christmas related things consuming much of my development time. It should still be ready before the end of December 2018. I need to fix a bug causing input events to queue while animations or spell effects are active, causing erratic movement input after you have released all buttons (thanks to /u/metkoutan on Reddit for reporting).

In the meanwhile, here is the what the current change-log for the upcoming release:
  • NEW FEATURE: Added new trait: Warlock (2 CP: Unlocks all spells from the Warlock school of magic)
  • NEW FEATURE: Added a new school of magic: Warlock Magic (focuses on warfare and physical combat spells) Example spells include Elderitch Shield, Conjure Magic Weapon or Invulnerability.
  • NEW FEATURE: Added conjured items. These items can be created by magic or other effects. These items cannot be dropped or sold and will disappear when their duration runs out
  • NEW FEATURE: Added 3 new magic potions (Potion of Levitation, Potion of Fire Aura and Shadowcloak Potion)
  • NEW FEATURE: Added new Sling Mastery trait (1 CP: Starts with sling weapon and gains 100% damage bonus using slings)
  • UPDATE: Rendering has been optimized by batching render operations
  • UPDATE: Removed delay when looting items from chests when there is only one player controlled character
  • UPDATE: Improved graphics for various monsters
  • UPDATE: Fear no longer works against plant-type monsters nor constructs
  • FIX: Error sound not playing when dropping an item that cannot be dropped
  • FIX: Graphical glitch when zooming in or out

Re: Upcoming version 1.3.2 release

Posted: Sat Dec 15, 2018 3:56 pm
by zefz
Released 15th December 2018. Final changelog can be found here: